“Beautitude” is an ode to our proud Montreal, Quebec roots, and stems from the belief that everything should be done with a little bit of sass and positive attitude. We believe everyone needs a little bit of Beautitude to get through the day.

As beauty aficionados we found that there was a gap in the market for natural-based body treatments that were effective, safe and smelled amazing. Each product we have created is based on body treatments that we were searching for but couldn’t find. We always felt there was a tradeoff, be it based on effectiveness, attractive packaging, safe ingredients, or smell- we were never quite satisfied. As sisters working in our family business based largely on the salt and sugar industry, we quickly became very knowledgeable about the beauty benefits of these raw ingredients. Together we worked hard to bring to life a vision of safe, vegan, natural-based targeted body care products, for those who would love to take care of themselves but don’t find the time. All our products are multi-functional and fit to today’s busy lifestyle.

We hope that you enjoy the body care routine we have created, and that you feel confident and great to take on the world. You deserve some time to take care of yourself, no matter how hectic your life may get. Go on, treat yourself, guilt-free!

Chrisanthy & Catherine xox