Beat the Winter Blues

There is something about -20 degree weather that suddenly makes you want to put on your favourite PJs, order takeout food, and call it a night. Well, winter gives us a chance to take the time to relax, and give ourselves some much needed pampering, fighting off those cold winter blues.

Start off by pouring a capful of Feeling Haute Dead Sea Bath Salt under warm running water. This mineral rich detox soak gives your skin all the nutrients it deserves by tightening and firming the skin, without stripping it of any moisture. The scent of Lavender and Eucalyptus will help destress and reduce anxiety, so falling asleep will be as easy as pie!

For those who want all the minerals and none of the smell, substitute with Au Natural Dead Sea Bath Salt.

Next, use a little of The Baume Body oil, which has the rejuvenating powers of Hemp Seed to heal damaged skin, and pair with your favourite candle.Did we mention that the salts are soaked with the anti-aging properties of Argan and Avocado oil, making your skin feel firmer and look younger!

Then exfoliate dry skin with our 911 Lemon-Aide Dead Sea Salt Scrub, to lock in the moisture, and help diminish the look of cellulite. The dead sea salt deeply cleanses the skin and unclog pores, and promotes better circulation for the skin. Lemon and lime essential oils are packed with antioxidants that help to tone the skin.

So after buffing your skin, and thoroughly rinsing off from your bath, while your skin is still wet use The Baume Body Oil as your moisturizer. Don’t be afraid of this fast-absorbing oil! This high in vitamin A and E oil is combined to breakdown impurities in the skin, enhance elasticity, and keep your skin healthy without any of the grease.

Throw on some comfy pyjamas, breakout the wine, watch a movie or read a good book, and enjoy the sensation of feeling renewed!

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