Lose Weight by Soaking?

It's no surprise that bathing in Mineral Salt does wonders for your skin; from treating eczema and psoriasis, helping sore muscles and joint inflammation, healing dry skin, the list is endless, and now we can add weight loss. Its crazy but true! With our busy lives, our stress levels increase, and we actually start to gain weight due to stress. Taking time to bath in a tub every night, even for 20 minutes, allows your body to destress, making that night time snooze extra effective. A hot bath makes you able to get those much needed zzz's, and allowing yourself to use relaxing properties such lavender and eucalyptus, makes you more likely to fall fast asleep. You can quite literally soak and sleep your way to a healthier weight.

Using premium salts like Dead Sea Salt are amazing for conditioning your skin, so slipping into your pjs your skin will be silky smooth and replenished.

Who knew a little salt can go such a long way.

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