How to Polish up your Manicure

We all know how important it is to treat our bodies well, but our hands need a little TLC as well.

Whether you pamper yourself and go to a salon, or you are a self-proclaimed nail professional, everybody wants their hard work to last.

We know the prep is super important, but we shouldn’t forget the post nail care treatment, and its only two little steps: Exfoliate and Moisturize!


Exfoliating with Pardon my Polish Raw Sugar Scrub, gives you a ton of benefits that nourishes your hands and keep them looking young. Raw sugar has natural healing properties that soothes out imperfection on the skin, and its grains are so gentle that it both polishes and moisturizes. It’s loaded with Avocado and Hazelnut oil, which both help to keep the cuticles soft with vitamins and proteins, and protects your hands from the sun’s harmful rays.

  1. Run your hands under warm water,

  2. Put a little of Pardon my polish in wet hands

  3. Rub in a circular motion

  4. Rinse off and Voila!

Your skin looks rejuvenated, hydrated, and your nail colour and your hands shine bright!


Finish off your perfect mani by moisturizing with The Baume Body Oil. Hydration is key and The Baume has the oils to keep your hands from losing moisture, yet leaving your skin without a trace of grease, so you can carry on your day looking fabulous. Believe me, one pump goes a long way! The Camellia Seed is high in antioxidants, and has nutrients that are anti-ageing. Ricebran helps lock in the moisture, and is a natural protector against the sun. Most importantly, the Baume is packed with high amounts of Vitamin A and E, that promotes elasticity and repairs damaged skin. So your hands get the best post nail care ever.

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